IT Security Business

As an IT security company, our value is in the breadth and depth of our offerings.
Our clients can turn to us for help with any security matter – from a small IT security consulting job to help setting information security policy to a complete redesign of enterprise security architecture.

IT Consultation

We focus on providing quality consulting services to speed up the improvement of our client’s business by analyzing the current problems and creating strategies on how a business process can increase its viability.


We install CCTV to your home or office. We also maintain and troubleshoot any existing CCTV wiring or configuration.

System and Networking Solutions

Provides proactive operational management of your network infrastructure in a flexible, cost-effective manner using highly specialised tehnical engineers.

Structured Cabling Systems

Effective and efficient design, deployment and resourcing of your ICT environment.

Networking Security

Ensures your web gateway technologies are monitored and managed effectively, to provide your continued protection from information leakage.

Implementation and Project Management

Today’s variety of endpoint creates management complexity. We can help you simplify and streamline your endpoint environment lifescycle.

Wireless Solutions

We focus on your wireless local are network (LAN) to ensure effective operation of your access network, improved service levels and reduced costs.

IT Outsourcing Services

We help drive business and IT alignment to achieve business outcomes.